chapter  5
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Set Up

Without looking, describe what is on the back of a £10 note. Logical thinkers

will start with the number 10; the watermark; the signature of the head cashier –

but is that on the back or front? The visual thinkers will see a head of a famous

man – but is it Shakespeare, Darwin or Robert Stephenson? You may remember

a bird – but which bird? You will remember the colour brown but what other

colours are used? Find a £10 note and see just how much you have missed. There

is a wealth of information conveyed on that piece of paper: the hummingbird

sniffing at a flower; the magnifying glass showing up the stamens of flowers; a

galleon sailing towards the viewer; a compass; the head of Charles Darwin and

colours from across the spectrum. The reason it is unlikely you have recalled all

this detail is that you don’t need to. From the time you started to manage your

own money, you learnt to scan notes for the minimum amount of informa-

tion that you needed to ensure you handed over, and were handed back, the

correct note.