chapter  12
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Leadership and coaching

The process of STARTED is now complete. The reader who has followed

the structure and is now willing to try out coaching tools in their conversations

with staff is no different from their own staff in their likely response to acquiring

new behaviours. They may have started reading this book from the position

of, ‘I know managers are expected to coach staff’ (pre-contemplation). They

may have recognized their own resistance to the process: ‘I know coaching is

seen as a good thing these days, but it just encourages staff to moan instead

of getting on with things’ (contemplation). They may have come to the book at

a point where they have thought about trying out some new things in

discussions with staff, but have not followed it through (preparation). Success

means being motivated to take action, but the evidence tells us that the Action

stage is likely to be one of partial success and occasional failure. Sustaining

yourself through this stage to the point where the behaviours are self-

maintaining requires support. This comes from there being valued rewards for

moving beyond the familiar and comfortable. The most powerful of rewards is

a sense that there is some personal benefit in doing things differently.