chapter  6
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Legal aspects relation to the international marketing of goods and services

As a business grows, those responsible for its management will look for new markets to enter. While opportunities in the home market may well present themselves, casting an eye beyond the horizon might reveal the existence of untapped or underexploited markets just waiting to be plundered. Dipping

a toe into the international marketplace might be a tempting option, but one which should be approached carefully. Lurking below the surface are dangers which could turn the expansion dream into a nightmare. Doing business in an international context raises legal issues which are quite different from those arising from purely domestic activity but which, nevertheless, will have to addressed by any company considering exporting its goods or services abroad. As has been emphasised in preceding chapters, different countries have different laws. This will be of little importance to a company whose business activities are confined to the domestic market, but should those activities be extended beyond the national border, the divergences which exist between legal systems can have a significant impact on the way the business should be conducted and, in consequence, the success or failure of the project involved.