chapter  3
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…But most of us can’t use it.

The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand.

(Frank Herbert)

To labour a point, this book has a purpose. It is intended to make practisingmarketers (or at least thosewho spend time thinking about their professional discipline) better at strategic marketing planning. To this end,we set out tobe clear aboutwhat strategicmarketingplanning is and thenconsidered theevidenceas to its efficacy. InChapter 1, we tried to clear away the confusion caused by different terms and jargon and to identify a core process. Strategic marketing planning, we resolved, was a process for aligning the company to the market in order to achieve its commercial or other objectives. We saw that this process can be divided into three not necessarily sequential parts: understanding the implications of the internal and external situation, selecting a strategy that best addresses that situation, and explicating a set of actions to make that strategy happen.