chapter  10
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Choosing the best way to make marketing strategy in your market

If there is a single word to remember from the 100 000 or so words in the preceding nine chapters, that word is bicongruence. Companies thatmake strongmarketing strategiesdonot all use the samemethod, but they do all use a strategy making process that is bicongruent to their situation. They blend rational planning, visionary command and incrementalism in such a way that it copes with the complexity and turbulence of their market; then they adjust key parts of

their culture to ensure that the culture supports, rather than hinders, the process. They take a sophisticated approach to adifficult problem, in stark contrast to more naïve marketers who think that unskilled use of simple tools will give the result they want. It’s interesting to see, from the above quotation, that the same ‘sophisticated tools for complex problems’ lesson also applies in the completely unrelated discipline of computer programming. If this is true in, say, creating that annoying paperclip help assistant in Microsoft, we would be foolish to forget it when we try to match companies to markets.