chapter  2
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…And it does work

Proof is the idol before whom the pure mathematician tortures himself. (Sir Arthur Eddington,The Nature of the PhysicalWorld)

This book has been written with one audience and one aim in mind. It is written for the reflective marketing practitioner, and it aims to improve strategic marketing planning in her or his company or organization. To that end, Chapter 1 tried to see the wood for the trees and ensure that when we say ‘strategic marketing planning’ we are all thinking the same thing. The gist of that chapter is that there is a relatively simple core process and, whatever the latest fad or new three letter acronym, it is agreed and stable in the eyes of the leading thinkers in the field. That core process has three principal subdivisions: understanding the implications of themarket situation, choosing which target customers to go for with what value proposition, and spelling out the steps needed to realize that strategy. There are relatively few tools and techniques (albeit with innumerable variations) that are commonly used to support the process, but we must not let the tools get in theway of the task.Armedwith the knowledge of what we’re trying to do, we can focus on making it happen rather than ‘fad surfing’, to borrow the irreverent title of Eileen Shapiro’s excellent book (Shapiro, 1995).