chapter  9
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Collections and digitization

The developing information and communication technologies permeate our daily lives, in defiance of the enormous hype about their effects and significance. Even people who do not personally connect with the internet are not immune – global commerce, military, and even cultural uses are bringing about changes that reach practically everywhere. There is an engaging website about the technologies of the Burarra people, who occupy a small, remote, and little developed territory in Arnhem Land, Northern Australia, developed with their full cooperation and editorial control.1 The community has said that it is happy with the website and with the feedback they have received from around the world. The effects of this global publicity have not been studied, although increased enthusiasm among the Burarra for using computers is perhaps the minimum that might be expected.2 An exhibition on the same subject in Canberra, it is true, preceded the website, but the web has longer persistence and global reach.