chapter  10
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Generic Data Streams, VBI, and ANC

This chapter will only deal with the second and third data types in the Jist above. The GC data element is covered briefly in other chapters. Picture and sound elements are covered extensively in Chapters 2, 3, and the mappings chapters-Chapter 5 (general), Chapter 6 (Audio), Chapter 7 (DV), Chapter 8 (D 10, D 11), Chapter 9 MPEG, Chapter 16 (JPEG2000). The usage oEthe generic container data element can be derived from this information. If you are trying to put data into an MXF file, which could fit either into the generic container data element or into the generic stream,

A generic stream partition follows the normal MXF rules that everything must be KLV coded. But there is always the case that the data may, in itself, already be KLV coded. What do we do? Add another layer of KLV outside the existing KLV? No-this would be inefficient and prone to implementation error. The whole goal of KLV coding is that the key should be sufficient to identify the payload regardless of the context in which that payload is found. It is therefore useful to categorize the payloads of the generic stream partition into those which are KLV coded and those which are not.