chapter  8
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Objective III: Lead Acquisition

Using search engines to drive lead generation requires much of the same thought process and rationale used in the sales (eCommerce) approach. As a vehicle for B2B companies the search engines can provide a very cost effective vehicle and 20 times cheaper than with some other forms of marketing (such as direct mail) according to a Piper Jaffray report entitled ‘New Methods in Search Marketing’ published mid-20041. The difference between using the search engines to drive sales and to drive leads is typically based upon (1) the nature of the business or industry as lead generation trends more toward B2B and not B2C (although not exclusively) and (2) the channels that are available to use are different. The following chapter studies the points specific to a lead generation strategy.

This strategy requires, and in many cases can only be supported by, two distinct submission types owing to the