chapter  2
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PR at Hotels and Lodging Establishments

Hotels and lodging establishments such as motels, bedand-breakfasts (B&Bs), and inns make up one of the most laborintensive sectors of the travel and tourism industry. The primary benchmark of their success is occupancy, or “heads in beds,” and a solid average daily rate (ADR)—and PR can strongly influence both. (See Sidebar 2-3, “How to Use PR to Grow an AwardWinning B&B.”)

While the majority of hotels do not employ in-house PR staff, most of the larger ones-especially in the luxury category-do have at least one practitioner on staff. For immediate, one-time needs, including grand openings, special events, and crises, hotels often look to their corporate office for specialized PR support, or they turn to outside PR agencies or hospitality consultants for counsel. The determining factor in using outside expertise is usually cost. Whether on a monthly retainer or

special project fee basis, outside help can be very expensive. Another downside is that outsiders seldom have a thorough understanding of your corporate culture; however, they often can provide an objective viewpoint that may be needed to meet your PR goals.