chapter  6
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Step 3: Orientational interviews

In the orientation phase, we have now come to the point where the relevant external developments, and the wants and expectations of the assignment principal, are known. Many people will now want to start working on the contract and the fieldwork assignment. As a student, however, you are still lacking several important items of information. There is no or hardly any insight into the:

■ primary processes of the organization ■ views of the other people involved ■ organization culture ■ differences and similarities in opinions about the prob-

lem and the readiness within the organization to contribute to working on a solution

■ extent to which people within the company have already worked on the problem and the reason they have not been successful

■ available research data ■ nature and size of the consulting work to find a solution

for the formulated problem ■ support for the assignment and the approach.