chapter  5
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– Tempos & Grooves

Pro Tools LE has an excellent set of features for setting and adjusting tempos, matching grooves, and changing the tempos of imported files to match the Session tempo and vice versa.

Setting up Tempo, Meter, and Click If you intend to do anything but the most basic recording and playback of musical audio material you will need to make sure that the bar and beat positions in the audio line up with the bar and beat positions in Pro Tools LE. When the bars correspond correctly you can navigate to bar positions and use Grid mode and other features to edit your audio. If you are recording musicians, you can generate a click for the musicians to play along to. If they do this well, then what they play will be in time with the click and will line up with the bar lines in Pro Tools. Before you set the tempo you will also need to consider whether it will be necessary to change the time signature or meter.