chapter  1
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– Hardware Options for Pro Tools LE and M-Powered Systems

Pro Tools LE software requires you to connect a suitable Digidesign hardware interface to your computer before it will run. Digidesign hardware for LE systems includes the Digi 001, the Mbox, the Mbox 2, the Digi 002, and the Digi 002 Rack. The Command | 8 hardware controller also works with LE systems. The Mboxes are very affordable and ideal for use with laptops but only offer two channels of analogue and two channels of digital input and output. The Digi 002 Rack is more expensive, but supports multi-channel operation. The Digi 002, covered in the next chapter, incorporates a hardware control surface along with the same interfacing features as the Digi 002 Rack. The Command | 8, also covered in the next chapter, is similar to the Digi 002 Rack, incorporating a MIDI interface and basic audio monitoring, but without the multi-channel audio input and output interface capabilities. Let’s take a look at the discontinued Digi 001 first, as this was the first serious multi-port interface for Pro Tools LE systems and there are still many of these in use today.