chapter  2
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Branding is Just a Fancy Name for Promotion, Right?

In many cases, these levels can overlap to form an integrated marketing campaign (IMC). All of these communication tools will be discussed in detail in Section 2 of this book. What is important to remember here is that, despite the use of all of these marketing tools, promoting isn’t always branding. For example, for a retailer, promoting discount pricing or coupons may stimulate short-term product sales but may do nothing for the brand’s enduring reputation. In fact, some promotion activities may even hurt a brand’s long term performance. Imagine if Mercedes Benz developed an inexpensive compact car for middleincome families and offered huge factory rebates. It would change the way one views the entire Mercedes Benz image. Promotion tools such as advertising and publicity would surely generate some dealer traffic, but what about the long-term consequences? In forthcoming months and years, will these types of promotion activities undermine the Mercedes brand? When affluent car buyers look for a prestigious luxury car, will they have second thoughts about this once proud brand?