chapter  4
Human Resources policies and procedures
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The final stage in the process is to monitor, evaluate and amend the


4. I 2 rised below:

The key risks of not having appropriate policies in place are summa-

The organisation’s non-compliance with legislation. Lack of clarity of standards and behaviour for both managers and employees. Lack of workplace harmony and the risk of hostility from employees towards their employer. Inappropriately trained managers. Risk of claims, such as unfair dismissal, to the Employment Tribunal. Policies being inappropriate and not tailored to the culture of the organisation or the needs of the business. The organisation and Human Resources being reactive, rather than proactive, in the approach to employees. Risk of staff alienation, loss of productivity and profit. Increased employee turnover and, in particular, loss of key staff. Loss of clients, repeat business and damage to the organisation’s reputation. Conflict between trade unions and the organisation.