chapter  4
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Mapping the Values of Organizations

In order to illustrate how we use the cultural transformation tools’ cul-

tural values assessment (CVA) instrument to measure the consciousness

of an organization, let us examine a real example. It is a manufacturing

company-let us call the company Flexite. To simplify matters, we are

only going to look at the results for the senior management group (53

individuals)—the top team and their direct reports. We usually recom-

mend that organizations begin by mapping the values of the most senior

group of managers before they map the values of employees. This is

important for two reasons. The senior leadership group must be

aware of the scope and depth of the cultural issues, and be willing to do

something about them, including committing to their own personal

change, before the rest of the employees are involved in a values assess-

ment. If the senior group is not willing to commit to a change in their

behaviors, then the culture will not change. In such a situation it would

be counterproductive to involve all employees in a cultural values