chapter  1
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My purpose in writing this book is to develop and build on the ideas con-

tained in Liberating the Corporate Soul: Building a Visionary Organization1

published in 1998. The basic premise of Liberating the Corporate Soul was

that the most successful organizations on the planet are vision-guided and

values-driven. The results of mapping the values of more than 500 com-

panies in 35 countries since 1997 support this premise-values-driven

companies are without a doubt, the most successful companies on the

planet. Many other researchers also support this conclusion.2-4 Therefore,

I will not spend much time on making this case. Rather, I prefer to take

this opportunity to draw on our own5 experiences and the vast amount

teristics of values-driven organizations; explain how to build values-

driven organizations; and show how the process of values management

can be used to support continuous improvements in organizational per-

formance and develop long-term sustainability. In addition, I will detail

the improvements we have made to the cultural transformation tools since

the publication of Liberating the Corporate Soul.