chapter  2
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The Seven Levels of Consciousness Model

There are three models at the heart of the whole-system approach to cul-

tural transformation: the seven levels of consciousness model, the spiral

dynamics model, and a modified version of Ken Wilber’s Integral (four-

quadrant matrix) model. The seven levels of consciousness model is

described in my book, Liberating the Corporate Soul: Building a Vision-

ary Organization.1 The spiral dynamics model is described in Beck and

Cowan’s Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Leadership and Change.2 The inte-

gral model is described in Ken Wilber’s A Brief History of Everything.3 My

modified version of the integral model is described in Chapter 8 and an

overview of the spiral dynamics model is included in Chapter 9. What

follows in this chapter, and the next, is a detailed description of the seven

levels of consciousness model as it applies to individuals, groups, and