chapter  1
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Properties of Gases

This first volume of the manual deals with the elementary science or ‘technology’ which forms the foundation of all gas service work. It outlines the principles involved and explains how they work in actual practice. To do this it has to use scientific terms to describe the principles of

things like ‘force’, ‘pressure’, ‘energy’, ‘heat’ and ‘combustion’. Do not be put off by these words – they are simply part of the language of the technology which you have to learn. Every activity from sport to music has its own special words and gas service is no exception. While the football fan talks of ‘strikers’, ‘sweepers’ and ‘back fours’ the gas service man deals with ‘calorific values’, ‘standing pressures’ and ‘secondary aeration’. It is necessary for him to know about these things so that he can be

sure that he has adjusted appliances correctly. He must also know what actions to take to avoid danger to himself or customers or damage to customers’ property.