chapter  3
Organizational identity, action and image: the linchpin
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We now turn to an examination of the core relationship between what Ed Schein (1985) described as the external adaptation/ internal integration problem. This relationship is at the heart of our model linking HR, reputations and corporate branding; it also presents organizations seeking to create new identities and images with enormous challenges. Consider an advertisement placed by GE, one of the world’s largest companies, in The Economist during September 2005. In this advertisement, they portrayed an image of the company as an ecologically friendly and innovative organization, summed up in the strapline, ‘ecomagination at work’, and pointed out how they could produce quieter and more energy-efficient aircraft engines, energyefficient wind turbines, advanced water desalination, advanced plastics for cars, which reduce the needs for paint, and energyefficient light bulbs (see Chapter 9 for a further discussion of this case).