chapter  8
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• The Actor

This chapter is all about the relationship of the director with the actor. Because the actor is the most direct expression of the director’s idea, it is critical that the director understand the actor as well as the critical synergistic relationship of the director and the actor. An analogy that is appropriate here is the therapist-patient relationship. I do not mean this in the sense of a confessional relationship but rather a creative one. When it works, the therapist and the patient together create a pathway to a “new” person who is more actualized and more present in the world. In this sense, a good director and his actor create a pathway (i.e., performance) to a new person-the character in the film. That character will bring alive the narrative and create yet another relationship-with the audience. These creative, compelling relationships are what audiences seek. It is the reason why good actors are so well paid, and it is the reason why directors who do not use actors to their fullest potential are less well paid. I would like to add that actors are the frontline in a production. They take the greatest personal risk, and their courage deserves the audience’s respect and, dare I say it, love. They are an important partner in the creation of a film and in deployment of the director’s idea.