chapter  3
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• The Competent Director

Here comes that loaded term again, the competent director. In these next three chapters I will chart the roadmap from competence in directing to value (the good director) to transformation (the great director). I know the term competent implies “not good enough,” and I am willing to let that implication stand, even though it is not intended. What is intended is for readers to use this chapter as a baseline for determining what constitutes competent or good enough directing. I could have as easily used the term technical directing, but I did not want to confuse the subject of this chapter with the specific role in television known as the technical or studio director, the person who orchestrates the multicamera movements in a live or taped television show, from news to sitcom. Keep in mind, however, two other phrases-“technically proficient” and “imaginatively understimulated”—to obtain a more layered sense of what I mean by the competent director.