chapter  1
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Overview of Color and Mastering for Digital Cinema

In late 1999, SMPTE established the DC28 working group to study the standardization requirements for digital cinema distribution, with the goal of establishing a world-wide standard. Since its standardization by SMPTE in 1916, the 35 mm motion picture film format has served as the single worldwide distribution standard for movies. 35 mm motion picture film has weathered the test of time, supporting major exhibition enhancements like sound, color, widescreen presentation and multitrack digital soundtracks, all compatible with 35 mm projection equipment based on the original standard. In today’s hyper-competitive and fast-changing digital world, it seemed a tall order to establish a digital cinema distribution standard that would serve the industry for the next century. But the industry set its sights on just that. The goal was to develop a universal standard for digital cinema distribution that could be implemented in a cost effective way today, while also extensible to support future exhibition improvements.