chapter  21
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Internet tools

The purpose of this chapter is to introduce the tools which are available in AutoCAD 2007 which make use of facilities available on the Word Wide Web (www).

As with any other files which are composed of data, AutoCAD drawings can be sent by email as attachments. If a problem of security of the drawings is involved they can be encapsulated with a password as the drawings are saved prior to being attached in an email. To encrypt a drawing with a password, click Tools in the Save Drawing As dialog and from the popup list which appears click Security Options . . . (Fig. 21.1). Then in the Security Options dialog which appears (Fig. 21.2) enter a password in the Password or phrase to open this drawing field. After entering a password click the OK button and enter the password again in the Confirm Password dialog which appears. The drawing then cannot be opened until the password is entered in the Password dialog which appears when an attempt is made to open the drawing by the person receiving the email (Fig. 21.3).