chapter  1
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Accounting for People

Reader: ‘Why are you starting the book with Accounting for People, particularly if, given your points in the Preface, you don’t think the taskforce really dealt with ‘HCM’?’

Author: ‘I think I had to really. Accounting for People has played a key role in shaping the HCM agenda within the UK, and it deals with issues that are being discussed within other countries too. So I think, whether or not you are from the UK, that you may need a short recap or reminder of the work of the taskforce, in order to understand the context of some of the comments which are made later on. However, I certainly don’t dwell on this, and avoid entering the whole debate on Accounting for People versus the Operating and Financial Review (OFR) versus the Business Review. Not that I don’t have views on this, but I think that time has moved on.