chapter  60
Linear regression
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Regression analysis, usually termed regression, is used to draw the line of ‘best fit’through co-ordinates on a graph. The techniques used enable a mathematical equation of the straight line form y = mx + c to be deduced for a given set of co-ordinate values, the line being such that the sum of the deviations of the co-ordinate values from the line is a minimum, i.e. it is the line of ‘best fit’. When a regression analysis is made, it is possible to obtain two lines of best fit, depending on which variable is selected as the dependent variable and which variable is the independent variable. For example, in a resistive electrical circuit, the current flowing is directly proportional to the voltage applied to the circuit. There are two ways of obtaining experimental values relating the current and voltage. Either, certain voltages are applied to the circuit and the current values are measured, in which case the voltage is the independent variable and the current is the dependent variable; or, the voltage can be adjusted until a desired value of current is flowing and the value of voltage is measured, in which case the current is the independent value and the voltage is the dependent value.