chapter  5
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Pandora and the modern scale model machine

This chapter will discuss several specific examples of architectural models to illustrate and analyze how our present relationships with the architectural scale model machine have changed (Figure 5.2). It will consider particular small-scale model machines of Antonio Gaudi, Vladimir Tatlin, El Lissitzky, Louis Kahn and, finally, Daniel Libeskind (particularly as described during his tenure at Cranbrook and Milan)

as a means of discussing the current situation of the model. Gaudi offers an example of an architect who developed his scale model machines within a trusted, well-defined reference standard, used as a means of defining invisible things. Both Vladimir Tatlin and El Lissitzky created their scale model machines within the developing reference standards of the new Marxist state. By contrast, Louis Kahn’s Jewish War Memorial is an example of a scale model machine developed within questioned reference standards, and Daniel Libeskind is an architect attempting to deconstruct all of his reference standards, jeopardizing an understandable relationship with his scale model machine.