chapter  2
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The changing mechanism of the scale model

In the first chapter, I proposed that architectural models should be viewed as a form of maquette. These models were not only employed to foretell the future of a building but were also connected, through the building, to a culture’s more general search for meaning. This is humankind’s general attempt at defining the purpose of their cosmos. The perceived ability of the architect to engage the scale model in this more general search

changes depending upon the prevailing social conditions. Throughout history, different societies have placed varying degrees of trust in the architect’s ability to correctly interpret and demonstrate the meanings of their culture. Although the relationships of Daedalus and Plato to the creative arts are well documented, in combination they present an important critical foundation necessary for understanding later developments within this work. Through the myth of Daedalus and the writings of Plato, as well as other examples, this chapter will analyze the influences behind the architect’s changing relationship to the scale model (Figures 2.2-2.4).