chapter  11
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Shoring Buildings

Shoring is a means of providing temporary support to a building being altered or repaired, and is used when a wall is in danger of moving and becoming unstable – possibly as a result of: (a) natural subsidence (earth movement); (b) mining subsidence (underground workings); (c) undermining of foundations by water; (d) lack of/breakdown of lateral restraint (bulging or overturning); (e) structural alteration to the fabric of the building; (f) vibration from heavy traffic, etc.; (g) gale damage; (h) an explosion; (i) decomposition (erosion) of the building material; ( j) corrosion of the building material or part of it. Flying shores are outside the scope of this book, but are easily identified because of the way they use adjacent buildings for support, for example across a street or over a courtyard.