chapter  6
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Car rental

Car rental provides flexibility, the freedom to go almost anywhere at any time and the pleasure to stop as one pleases. It also provides convenience to transfer between airport and hotel, to travel around a city with all baggage safely in the boot of the car. It makes the journey comfortable. The ‘rent it here, leave it there’ (one-way car rental) system enables a client to travel between two major points of his or her choice and then continue the trip using another form of transport if desired. Car rental provides cheap transportation compared with many other forms of transport, bearing in mind four or five persons may be travelling in the vehicle. The accessibility of car rental stations is enormous. There are approximately 1300 airports throughout the world where car rental is available and just one car rental company, Europcar for example, has 2650 rental stations in 118 countries with a fleet of over 203 000 vehicles worldwide.