chapter  5
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Television essentials

Whilst much of presentation is similar whether it is for radio or television, there are a few things that are peculiar to the visual medium. The three areas addressed here cover reading, writing and performing for the camera. First, handling the autocue or teleprompter allows you to communicate a script without your having to memorize a single word of it. What a lifesaver this gadget is! Secondly, writing for television is a skill that requires good command of language, well-developed powers of observation, disciplined timekeeping and much practice. Finally, performing a ‘piece to camera’ or ‘stand up’ is increasingly a necessary part of a day’s work. You must know when and why you’re doing it and how to do it quickly. As a television presenter you might be able to get through life without being spectacularly good at every one of these crafts but it is not possible, particularly in a multi-skilled world, that you won’t have to do at least one of them well.