chapter  9
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Embracing technology

Proposition 8 Technology is becoming an important enabler in people development, but there are many conceptual and practical issues to be resolved surrounding its implementation.

The term ‘e-learning’ first emerged in late 1999. Suppliers of computer-based training were full of optimism and were considering the implications of delivery through the web. The US-based supplier, CBT systems, rebranded themselves as ‘Smartforce – the e-learning company’ and held a satellite broadcast to announce the change a month later. However, if distributed technology products (CBT discs and CD ROMs which do not depend on the connectivity of computers) are included, it could be argued that e-learning stretches back several decades. The current CIPD definition of e-learning is ‘learning that is delivered, enabled or mediated by electronic technology, for the explicit purpose of training in organizations’ [1].