chapter  10
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What happens to the answers?

Chapter 6 indicated two broad approaches to data collection for made-to-measure research. One is the qualitative approach, where a large amount of data is collected from a relatively small number of people in a fairly unstructured way, usually using group discussions or depth interviews. The quantitative approach is where a smaller amount of data is collected from a large number of people in a structured way, usually using questionnaire surveys often involving 500-1000 or more respondents. What happens to the answers will depend on which approach has been used for data collection. In this chapter the analysis and interpretation of both quantitative and qualitative data are explained. The emphasis in the section on analysis of quantitative data is deliberately confined to a straightforward description of what various statistical techniques will do. It aims to introduce the non-statistical reader to the usefulness of these techniques, but does not attempt to teach how they can be applied.