chapter  5
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Recording and Editing MIDI

Pro Tools has always been able to record and playback MIDI data – but the MIDI features used

to be extremely basic. The latest versions of Pro Tools have all the features you need to work

effectively with MIDI data without the more sophisticated features you would find in Digital

Performer, Cubase SX or other advanced MIDI software. For example, Pro Tools still does not

have the music notation and advanced MIDI processing features that you will find in most MIDI

þ Audio software applications. However, these features are much less important for straightforward MIDI recording, editing and playback. Pro Tools sessions now support up to 256 MIDI

tracks and have four virtual MIDI inputs, called Pro Tools Inputs, which let you receive MIDI data

from other supported applications (such as Ableton Live). Also, if you are using the Digidesign

MIDI I/O or any other supported MIDI Time Stamping-capable interface, you can achieve up to

sub-millisecond-accurate MIDI timing – allowing Pro Tools to compete effectively with any other

sequencer available.