chapter  1
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Appendix 1: Hardware Control

One of the dilemmas for Pro Tools users is whether to use the computer keyboard and mouse

or whether to go for a hardware control surface that presents itself to the operator more like a

conventional mixing console. Experienced recording engineers have developed their craft over

many years, getting a ‘feel’ for moving the faders, reaching out to ‘tweak’ the EQ while in the

middle of a mix, and ‘dancing’ on the transport controls while ‘overdubbing like crazy’.

Engineering recording sessions is very much a hands-on affair – and engineers like to keep

their hands busy! The four main choices when it comes to adding a hardware control surface to

Pro Tools systems are Digidesign’s own ProControl, the Mackie HUI, the Digidesign/Focusrite

Control|24 and the CM Labs Motor Mix.