chapter  4
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Appendix 4: Pro Tools 6.4

Automatic Delay Compensation is now available with HD systems – Pro Tools automatically

compensates for inherent delay issues caused by plug-in latency, bussing and routing within the

Pro Tools mixer. Another long-overdue feature – hierarchical plug-in menus, organized by plug-in

category – has also been added. And Pro Tools now gives each track a fixed sequential Track

Position number, enabling operators to better organize their sessions, as well as to quickly

locate their GUI and control surfaces to a selected track. The new þ12 dB (over 0 dBfs) fader gain gives the user more latitude while mixing than with the previous þ6 dB (over 0 dBfs). This is particularly useful when balancing recordings made at lower levels. With a new taper above

0 dB, the faders also have a more familiar ‘console’ feel.