chapter  4
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The Computer System

Every Pro Tools system runs on a computer system, so you will need to know how to choose

the best computer system for your application. Pro Tools was developed originally for Macintosh

computer systems – which I prefer to use – so much (although not all) of this chapter will be

Mac specific. You also need to know about disk maintenance and repair and at least the basics

of troubleshooting – when the computer won’t even blink at you this can be a real session-

stopper! Even if the studio has a maintenance engineer or support engineer to keep the Pro

Tools systems running, and assuming he is always on hand, you should still be aware of what

the issues are and what can and cannot be fixed if there is trouble. Recording engineers and

producers, composers and musicians, especially if they have been brought up on analogue

technologies, will probably be unfamiliar with much of this stuff. Nevertheless, if you can handle

an SSL console or a Yamaha 02R, or use Logic Audio or Sibelius, you should not have too much

trouble with anything here. But don’t even dream of skipping this chapter if you are working

professionally with a Pro Tools system, as having a grasp of the information presented here will

‘save your bacon’ time and time again.