chapter  10
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Scottish Tourism: Where to Now?

This book evolved from a desire to explore tourism public policy, and to understand and explain more fully the dominant public policy issues and controversies in Scottish tourism in both the lead up to devolution, and for the significant post-devolution periodwhich encapsulated the first four year term of the new Scottish parliament. To do so it had to demonstrate an implicit understanding and explicit explanation of the relationships of tourism public policy formulation; tourism policy-making; and tourism policy-making decisions; plus the constraints and fast moving environment within which tourism operated. Furthermore, it had to elucidate not only an understanding, in a much wider context, of the external influences on tourism, but also of the internal influences. Hence, while the initial chapters of this book deal with tourism and public policy approaches and theories and how these are applied in both macro and micro environments; the remaining chapters reflect the evolution of one relatively small tourism destination’s tourism public policy, and its strategic management of failure to realize its commercial potential and challenge competitor destinations.