chapter  1
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Getting started

First of all, a big ‘thank you’ for purchasing this book. I do hope that you find it useful and keep it as a reference for when new situations arise or if you move into new fields within the industry. I’ll be revising and updating the contents from time to time and will be adding new subjects along the way. If you have any requests for additional information, please let me know via the publisher. The idea for the book developed as I came across

many situations where information, knowledge, and communication would have made life much easier for the people involved in putting a show together, whether they be musicians, engineers, or venue staff. I don’t envisage everyone being able to do every job required. Having some idea of how a show is put together from various viewpoints enables a deeper understanding of the bigger picture and also an appreciation of the problems faced by others. The initial idea was to provide pointers for artists to

improve their shows by understanding the equipment and techniques used by venues and crew in order to put on live productions. This idea was then extended to include an in-depth look at the ‘nuts and bolts’ involved so that potential engineers and technicians would be able to obtain a good grounding in many areas of live performance. This would also be relevant to artists wishing to further their technical knowledge, either to enable them to put together their own touring support system or so that they are better able to deal with crew and venues in a professional manner. It also provides a system of easy

communication tools that should be followed by artists, crew, and venues alike. This provides everyone with the correct information needed to perform at an optimum level using widely accepted documentation; forewarned is forearmed as they say.