chapter  1
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The UK generation, transmission and distribution system

Standardization was not evident and many different voltages and frequencies were used throughout the country. By the time of the First World War (1914-18), there were some 600 independent power stations in use. However, the heavy demands made by the war industry showed the inadequacies of the system and several select committees were set up to investigate possible changes. Little was achieved until 1926, when it was suggested that 126 of the largest and most efficient power stations should be selected and connected by a grid of highvoltage transmission lines covering the whole country, and, at the same time, the frequency standardized at 50 Hz. The remaining power stations would be closed down and local supply authorities would obtain their electricity in bulk from the grid, via suitable substations. The system voltage was 132 000 V (132 kV) and the supply frequency 50 Hz.