chapter  12
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Records of Success

The following are interviews I conducted with some of America’s most successful and respectedDJ entertainers and business owners.

How did you get started as a mobile DJ?

Iwasworking as a part-timeDJ at a small-market radio station. I had a friend who owned a mobile disc jockey service and saw him at a party. He had a great sound system and music, and people booked him for those things alone. But he said that he needed help because he didn’t really like to talk on the mic. On many occasions I would go out with him to do the voice work, and he would play the music and run the board. Business got so busy that I decided to buy my own equipment so that he could subcontract me out for

bookings. We worked this way between 1987 and 1989. Finally, I decided to go out on my own, because he had some DJs working for him thatweren’t very professional, and Iwantedmore customer interaction. I got a small office and started doing two shows every weekend. This quickly grew to five. Since going out on my own, I have always striven to make the industry more legitimate.