chapter  1
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Make it Happen

ByRichard Harrington

Working professionals use Photoshop for a variety of tasks. From graphic designers and Web developers to photographers and scientists, nearly everyone uses Photoshop. The performance category is new to Photoshop CS3. It groups several options together tied to managing installed RAM and graphics card. Under Units & Rulers, modify Photoshop's measuring system to match video. Web designers have the benefit of designing on computers, for computers. Print designers have precise control during the printing stage, with dedicated professionals calibrating their output devices. Photoshop users generally work in 8 Bits/Channel mode, because it provides a full set of tools. These 8 bits combine to a total of 24 bits for an RGB image or 32 bits for an RGB image with an alpha channel. Virtually every modern editing and motion graphics software has added at least partial support for Photoshop layers. Documentary-style motion control photography is becoming increasingly popular for use in all styles of video production.