chapter  10
28 Pages

Repairing Damaged Photos

ByRichard Harrington

Historical or archival photos present additional problems. There is an increased likelihood for physical damage such as tearing, water damage, or adhesive stains. The photos have also faded with time and will need touch-up. All of the problems with historical sources can be present in modern photographs. However, the most likely problem with modern photos, especially digital ones, is color issues, followed by physical abuse. Photoshop has several powerful options available to fix problem areas. The Clone Stamp is an old favorite of Photoshop users. The Healing Brush is a tool that is designed to correct imperfections in a photo. Similar in handling to the Clone Stamp, it successfully hides blemishes by taking cloned pixels and matching the texture, lighting, and shading of the sampled to the original pixels. The Patch tool uses similar technology as the Healing Brush, but Patch is better suited to fix larger problems or empty areas.