chapter  12
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ByRichard Harrington

Photoshop's automation tools can be a huge time-saver, and most video pros find they are pretty easy to use. Virtually every command (and better yet, series of commands) can be captured and played back later. Basic actions will play back one command, such as a resize command or image mode change. Photoshop ships with several built-in actions for various tasks. Storing them in readers Presets folder is convenient, but if they have to reinstall Photoshop, it will erase the Photoshop Actions and replace them with the defaults. Explore all of the options in the Actions palette submenu, look at other people's actions, and experiment by creating their own actions. The Actions palette provides a video-friendly graphic user interface for computer programming. Adobe provides a useful Automation command called Portable Document Format (PDF) Presentation that allows readers to merge multiple images into a single PDF document. Scripting in Photoshop offers a more powerful automation technology than actions.