chapter  13
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The Road to Video

Time For Tech
ByRichard Harrington

If readers already have a nonlinear edit system hooked up at their facility, they may just choose to harness its ability to output to a video monitor or a scope for testing purposes. The proliferation of computers with video ports is on the rise, due in part to features like Media Center from Microsoft and Front Row from Apple. If readers have enough VRAM, they may be able to drive the main screen and video monitor simultaneously. Photoshop supports many diverse file formats. As a tool that is used by video, print, Web, medical, and engineering professionals, it must offer several choices. Here are some common file formats used by video and motion graphics software. The Macintosh Picture format is mostly widely used by video editors, especially those on Macintosh-based computers. Chances are readers archive their source tapes, project files, and EDLs for they video programs, not just the finished master.