chapter  3
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Why Layers?

ByRichard Harrington

When Photoshop was created, it did not have layers. It was an application that worked extremely well for touching up photos, frames of film, or video stills. The introduction of layers moved Photoshop from image touch-up program to robust graphic tool. The key to being fast in Photoshop is to understand the Layers palette. There are lots of ways to create and manage a layered document, but it all comes back to an organized design. Video folks usually find the basic interface of the Layers palette similar to most NLEs. Not taking sides on who's copied whom, it's safe to say that Photoshop and most popular video applications share a similar interface. Just as it's hard to edit video with the Timeline window closed, reader really should leave the Layers palette open at all times. If reader needs to hide it temporarily, press the Tab key.