chapter  5
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Some Words on Words, Logos, and Symbols

ByRichard Harrington

Proper use of type is crucial in designing effective graphics for video. Designing motion graphics is an extremely challenging task. It becomes necessary to balance legibility with style, fitting enough information on the screen, but not crowding it. Despite the importance of good typography, this is one of the weakest areas of the video industry. Chances are you've never taken a class just on typography; this chapter provides a crash course. The key to Photoshop's flexibility is its use of vector-based type. Vectors are mathematically defined shapes that describe all of the characters in a typeface. These fonts can then be scaled to whatever size is needed, producing clean results at almost any size. The most useful fonts are those that have multiple weights. A font will generally have a book (or roman) weight. A font family may also include Light, Medium, Bold, Black, Italic, and more alternates.