chapter  6
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Layer Styles

Bevels, Shadows, Glows, and More!
ByRichard Harrington

Gradient and pattern overlays are useful in creating new looks, especially when using photorealistic patterns or seamless tiles. Change the options, use a new texture, apply gradients and blending modes, and so on. Try different styles of gradients (radial, linear, angle, reflected, or diamond) for a new look. Clicking on the image of the gradient will bring up the Gradient Editor, where the color stops and opacity stops define the color and opacity throughout the gradient. Gradients are useful for adding depth and life to an image. Importing Layer Styles into a nonlinear editing system generally warrants undesirable results. The process of importing Layer Styles into Adobe After Effects has continued to improve with each software release. Conversely, should retconning occur because of editorial mismanagement, whereby extant continuity is ignored or viewed as a constraint to be circumnavigated, then fan audiences have been shown to respond unkindly, and at times vehemently.