chapter  7
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A Sense of History

ByRichard Harrington

Photoshop supports more than 1000 snapshots, depending upon available RAM and scratch disk space. Choose History Options and enable the Automatically Create New Snapshot When Saving check box. Dragging a snapshot on the Create New Document icon will create a new document based on that state. The nonlinear mode opens up an incredible amount of increased flexibility, but making sense of that flexibility often becomes a brainteaser not worth solving. Ensure that Photoshop created new snapshot when the document was opened. Before the History Brush tool, designers would often duplicate the photo, filter the top copy, and then erase back down to the unfiltered version. The History Brush is essentially giving the reader the same results without the need for extraneous layers. The end result will vary, but the official stance is that the reader can create paintings from photos. This is often useful for backgrounds, but the Art History Brush toolis not always a practical tool.