chapter  9
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Color Correction

How to Get it Right
ByRichard Harrington

When working in Photoshop, the most common type of color correction readers will need to perform is scene-to-scene correction. While most Photoshop users are most comfortable working with 8-bit images, there is a strong case to switch to a 16-bit workflow. The extra bit depth gives readers more image details (especially in areas such as shadows and highlights). The Histogram palette shows them the data within their image (including the ability to view per-channel data). This chapter analyzes the most important tools in Photoshop and evaluates which situations they might help readers in. Generally referred to as High Dynamic Range, 32-bit images offer great flexibility in exposure. The Selective Color command is similar to Color Balance (but not as easy to use) and does not produce the high-quality results that are possible with Levels or Curves. Adobe added to the “real-time” color-correction tools with the introduction of Photo Filter Adjustment Layers.